Why Rhodium Plate ?

Did you know that all white gold is plated with another metal to make it the shiny white colour that it is ? Here's a look at what white gold is plated with and why it is plated in the first place.

Rhodium Plates all white gold

It's a industry standard that all white gold used for jewellery is plated with Rhodium. Why Rhodium ? It is a white metal that somewhat resembles Platinum, forms a strong bond over the gold alloy, takes a high shine, resists corrosion and oxidation, and is well-tolerated by most people.

Why plate white gold ?

White gold is usually not white. The gold alloy normally is a dull yellowish or grey colour. High carart white gold such as 18ct white gold, is soft and could be easily damaged in jewellery. The Rhodium adds hardness and durability, makes all white gold a uniform colour and protects the wearer from potentially problematic metals found in some white gold, such as nickel.

Our Service

We provide a full re-rhodium plating service within 24 hours, from £30, this includes a complete condition check of the integrity of the ring, all scratches and marks removed, cleaning, re-rhodium plating and refurbishment, the ring comes up as new, please phone to book service - 028 90 456995